job search“Temp-to-perm” refers to temporary employment opportunities that VIP Divorce Discovery provides its clients. In essence, VIP Divorce Discovery serves as an “employment agency,” providing clients work opportunities that they may not otherwise find for themselves. Such temporary employment, for example, can serve as a way for a non-worker to begin a work career or a current worker to seek employment in a new field.

Temp-to-perm employment also provides an avenue for pursuing future possibilities for longer term contract or permanent employment.

Why Individual Clients and Client Companies work with VIP Divorce Discovery

Individual Clients

business people meetingVIP Divorce Discovery experts pre-screen each candidate or client to certify that his or her skills and experience best fit the requirements of the job. VIP Divorce Discovery then interviews each candidate to understand his or her career objectives and to help the job seeker secure a role that best suits his or her talents, experience, and aspirations. Clients rely on VIP Divorce Discovery to manage their job search, which provides time-savings as well as the assurance that someone is actively looking for employment on their behalf.

Client Companies

In addition, client companies look to VIP Divorce Discovery for the highest quality professionals to fulfill their recruitment needs. In these instances, VIP Divorce Discovery accommodates business needs by providing temp-to-perm staffing solutions. VIP Divorce Discovery provides specialists who work with both our individual clients and our client companies to provide the best possible fit for the role. VIP Divorce Discovery offers organizations the flexibility to add staff in support of new initiatives or to remove personnel as projects end. Whether the need is one database development specialist or an entire project team, VIP Divorce Discovery delivers the necessary and skilled talent.

Some companies prefer to hire employees on a temp-to-perm basis to evaluate the employees’ on-the-job performance before extending an offer for full time employment. Typically, client companies instruct VIP Divorce Discovery to find a worker to fill a role temporarily, with the possibility of the worker becoming permanent if he or she proves suitable for the role. A role offered as temp-to-perm is sometimes a precursor to a permanent position. A permanent job is only offered on the condition that the employer believes the temporary worker fits the job responsibilities. 

Being a temporary employee is oftentimes flexible; however, because of the status of a temporary employee, the employer can eliminate the worker or his role immediately if the employer is unhappy with the work being performed. Temporary employees do not have the same rights as employees with fixed-term or permanent contracts who receive benefits such as pensions and health care benefits.

Tips for Landing a Permanent Role

Moving from a temporary role to a permanent one is possible, but can require some serious negotiating skills. Employees who want to prove themselves as the best fit for a permanent role must work hard, volunteer for extra jobs, employ personal initiative, and exhibit enthusiasm.

VIP Divorce Discovery recommends these tips for landing a permanent role:

  • Know the industry and research the company. Be informed of what the company does in the marketplace and its role in local or national business.
  • Dress well even if your fellow permanent employees do not follow any certain dress code.
  • Arrive 10 minutes early and work 10 minutes later than you are supposed to each day. Employers notice and appreciate this generous action.
  • Arrive on time. Employers are not impressed with employees, including temporary employees, who are late to their jobs.
  • Refrain from using your personal phone, email, and social media while on the job.
  • Establish good communication with your boss from the beginning, so you can easily discuss your role and explore options for future employment.
  • Always treat your temp-to-perm role as if it were a permanent position.

Benefits of Working with VIP Divorce Discovery

VIP Divorce Discovery offers the following to both its individual clients and its client companies:

A VIP Divorce Discovery dedicated account manager leads each job pursuit engagement. Account managers ensure that the client companies’ needs are met with the best possible staffing solution. In addition to a dedicated account manager, individual clients benefit from a highly skilled support team behind each job search.

From the beginning, VIP Divorce Discovery takes the time to get acquainted with both individual clients who are looking for work and client companies who need to fill job roles. And, understanding our client companies’ products, services, and unique business cultures helps us provide the best possible candidates for the job.

A skilled VIP Divorce Discovery project team uses industry research and proprietary recruitment tools to identify the target market for staffing needs. Additionally, VIP Divorce Discovery has access to a talent pool of more than 2 million highly skilled professionals.
VIP Divorce Discovery selects prospective candidates from an extensive referral network developed through thousands of successful placements. VIP Divorce Discovery works closely with both individual clients and client companies to provide the best and most skilled personnel in the industry. When our client companies need to find the right candidates, our clients can rely on VIP Divorce Discovery’s extensive network of pre-qualified professionals.
VIP Divorce Discovery pre-screens each candidate and presents the candidates to our clients. In addition to screening for technical and niche expertise, we also assess critical soft skills to find proactive, team-oriented professionals. This ensures that only qualified candidates are presented and minimizes the amount of time clients devote to interviews.

Note: VIP Divorce Discovery offers extensive background checks and pre-screening for all candidates referred to our client companies.