Real estate agents help people buy, sell, or rent property. Property represents single-family homes, condominiums, businesses, and even land. If a property has an address, then a real estate agent is typically involved in business transactions associated with that property.

VIP Divorce Discovery real estate agents (our partners) work with property buyers or sellers and help them navigate the complex nature of the property market. Agents talk with clients to determine the type of property they seek and what they are willing to sell or pay, as well as specific amenities they desire. Agents also work closely with real estate brokers to find properties that best suit clients’ needs.

Agents use various types of marketing avenues such as online sites and print collateral to describe properties. They oftentimes work with photographers to take promotional pictures of the properties. These agents oftentimes work nights and weekends, showing properties to customers, setting up open houses of properties listed on the market, handling all advertising and marketing, and listing properties for sale. And, when a sale is pending, a real estate agent works with the other party’s agent to offer and counteroffer bids on the property.

VIP Divorce Discovery real estate partners are well versed in the markets they serve. For the benefit of their clients, they know well the popular neighborhoods, the areas that are currently “in flux,” and the price ranges of properties in certain neighborhoods. These partners answer client questions and concerns about things such as exceptional school districts, zoning, and planned future expansion.

Agents work with other agents and brokers and have many opportunities to discuss new listings, gather updates on listings, and discuss buyer and seller needs. Agents can also narrow buyers’ searches by performing research on the competition. For example, the MLS tour allows agents and brokers to gather first-hand knowledge quickly on many available properties.

How VIP Divorce Discovery Can Help

Buying a Home

When a client is purchasing a home, his or her agent must first determine what type of house the buyer wants, the price that’s affordable, and the acceptable locations. Typically using a networking system, the agent identifies for-sale properties that fit the client’s criteria. Then, the agent goes with the client to tour the site(s) and look at the property, explaining the positive and negative features of each, giving estimates of fair values for the properties, and answering any questions the client may have. If the buyer decides to make an offer on a house, the agent helps settle on an offer price and then makes the offer to the seller’s agent.

Before a purchase can be completed, the agent usually must work with other real estate professionals to ensure that all of the paperwork has been completed properly and the client has the necessary funding. This may involve working with bank managers or lenders, home assessors, and mortgage brokers. The agent then arranges a meeting where the client signs all the paperwork and receives the keys to his or her new home.

Selling a Home

When a client wants to sell a house, our real estate agent helps him or her set a price. The asking price often is based on recent sales of similar homes in the same area. An agent also advises clients regarding how to prepare the house for display to make it as appealing as possible to potential buyers, such as cleanliness, simple decorating, basic home repairs, and newly painted walls. The agent then advertises the home to other agents and to the general public.

When someone is interested in the house, the agent arranges to show it to the potential buyer, often working with the buyer’s real estate agent. Agents also may hold open houses so that the general public is invited to tour the home and ask questions or get information from the agents. When an offer is made on a house, the agent advises the client about whether to accept the offer and proceed with the sale.

Searching for a Rental Property

VIP Divorce Discovery agents can be excellent resources for assisting renters in finding their dream apartments, condos, or rental homes. Engaging the services of a real estate agent in a large, highly competitive market can give a renter a huge advantage in his or her search. In addition to listings that can easily be uncovered in simple Internet searches, these agents also have access to rental listings included in the MLS database, as well as unlisted units soon-to-be on the market.

Beyond giving renters assistance in their search, our real estate agents also assist in negotiating lease terms with landlords. Agents work with landlords to ensure that they get the best price for their rental, as well as help renters obtain better terms, including reduced security deposits or other factors that may be required before a rental agreement is signed by both parties.

VIP Divorce Discovery’s Mission to Serve Our Clients

VIP Divorce Discovery serves our clients with their best interests in mind. The following are the benefits we provide our clients: 

Honesty is our only policy in all of our dealings and with all parties.

We will provide diligent and prompt service to all of our customers and clients.

We provide each task or service with a spirit of excellence, with an eye toward the highest possible quality.

We serve all our clients in a professional manner.

We provide the highest degree of professional expertise in all services rendered.

We avoid manipulative sales techniques, having the conviction that sales should be the result of diligent service. We always seek out opportunities to provide excellent service to our clients and customers.