VIP Divorce Discovery offers life coaching to help clients improve and excel in numerous areas of their lives. A certified life coach serves as the perfect partner in a client’s endeavor to grow. A life coach provides a unique role—one that is distinct from similar roles, such as mentor, counselor, therapist, or consultant.

The life coach-client relationship is a collaborative one, where the coach seeks to empower the client. VIP Divorce Discovery’s certified life coaches operate with the belief that the client already has the potential to achieve what he or she wishes to achieve. The life coach knows that potential must be revealed by peeling back the layers to allow for growth—growth that leads to the client’s personal aspirations. The life coach walks alongside the client as he or she embarks upon the journey of improvement and change.

An experienced life coach works closely with a client to bring transformation, using several different approaches, such as:

A life coach does not dispense advice such as that of a friend or family member. His or her role, rather, is to help the client gain insight, while simultaneously walking alongside the client as he or she achieves the goals for change.

Reasons to Seek the Help of a Life Coach

A diverse range of individuals may choose the support of a life coach for numerous reasons. Many common reasons for seeking help from a life coach are to:

  • Find a clear vision and mission in life
  • Determine what’s holding you back and preventing you from achieving your goals
  • Learn more about yourself and how to improve as an individual
  • Determine what stands between you and the fulfillment you long for
  • Overcome personal obstacles, tendencies and other struggles
  • Gain a new depth of insight and understanding as you walk through life
  • Become an all-around better person

Coaching Versus Therapy

Therapy assumes that the client is “sick” and needs healing. Therapy looks to the past and asks the question, “Why are you reacting the way you are?” The goal is to help the client/patient enhance self-knowledge and increase personal insight. The therapy engagement typically has an open-ended time frame.

Life Coaching Services 3Life coaching assumes that the client is healthy, but “stuck.” It looks to the future and asks, What do you want the next chapter in your life to look like? What do you need to do to realize that goal?” What are the barriers to reaching your goal? How can you get around the barriers to realize your goal?” The goal is to help the client formulate and implement an action plan designed to reach his or her goals. The coaching engagement typically has a fixed, short-term time frame.

How Does the Life Coaching Process Work?

Once an individual has decided to work with a life coach, he or she begins a wonderful journey of insight, growth and evolution.

Each life coach has a unique style and approach to assisting clients; but, all certified coaches follow the same basic process.

The coaching process begins with an introduction where the life coach prompts the client to explore his or her past. In this first state, the clients attempts to uncover or explain how he or she arrived to the point where he or she is now—a place they find themselves in both personally and professionally.

Once the life coach understands the individual’s background and how he or she became the person he or she is today, the life coach will share prompts for exploring the client’s dreams, aspirations, and visions. The life coach will discuss obstacles, shortcomings, and roadblocks that are preventing the client from achieving his or her objectives.

Establishing SMART Goals

The client and life coach work together to establish SMART goals—goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. Once the client has these goals in mind, he or she can begin a path toward success in achieving those goals.











The life coach recommends ways for the client to achieve these goals. At this stage, the life coach plays an important role—from providing encouragement to challenging the client and prompting him or her to consider different perspectives.

A life coach may guide the client through many different improvements and changes.

  • Breaking bad habits and establishing new, healthy habits or tendencies
  • Helping clients discover their life values, passions, and motivations
  • Guiding clients as they work to improve relationships in their personal and professional lives
  • Supporting clients as they work to take command of their lives, overcome fears, confront challenges, and make wise decisions
  • Finding a career that the client is passionate about or helping the client grow in his or her current career
  • Discovering a new sense of spiritual growth and awareness
  • Learning how to achieve the financial wealth the client has been seeking to attain
  • Achieving physical health and adopting healthy habits through smart eating, exercise, and other measures

The client’s work with a life coach can occur in person, over the phone, or in a virtual setting. The frequency of coaching sessions varies. Some may prefer to meet twice a week, weekly, or even every other week. The frequency of sessions also varies according to a client’s objectives and schedule.

Life Coaching Services 4Between coaching sessions, clients are provided tasks and assignments, which can range from creating a list, to having a discussion with someone, or performing research or reading. These tasks are designed to provoke thought, prompt action, and promote growth.

Many clients find that working with a life coach helps them achieve their goals more effectively, as the coach provides a form of accountability. This “accountability relationship” is simply not present if an individual is attempting personal development on his or her own.

How Long Will I Work With My Life Coach?

Life coaching is a very personal and individualized process. No precise formula or requirement exists when it comes to how long a client and a coach work together. The timeframe depends on the client and his or her unique needs.

A client may work with a life coach for several months or for many years. Some clients may work with their coaches indefinitely, as personal development may sometimes be viewed as an ongoing endeavor.

Life can be difficult but a certified personal development coach can help you to find a new sense of clarity, motivation, purpose and happiness. Rome wasn’t built in a day; life coach can serve as an important ally and partner as the client strives to become a better, more well-rounded and successful individual.