Investigative Services 3VIP Divorce Discovery provides licensed investigators, serving as professional witnesses, to observe situations and gather evidence to present to a court of law.

Whether it is a criminal or civil investigation, VIP Divorce Discovery, a Texas private investigation firm, provides fast, professional, and affordable investigative services. Committed to excellence in service, we guarantee the highest degree of confidentiality in a focused and results-oriented environment.

Our investigators provide the following services and/or research evidence for the following:

  • Infidelity*
  • Divorce and child custody*
  • Domestic investigations*
  • Surveillance*
  • Forensics*
  • Monitoring*
  • Corporate investigations*
  • Background screenings and investigations
  • Economic investigations
  • Business intelligence and information regarding competitors, including trademark infringement
  • Insurance fraud
  • Security advice
  • Special security services information
  • Criminal investigation
  • Process serving (delivery of summons, subpoenas, etc.)
  • Tracing absconding debtors
  • Accident investigations
  • Profile polygraph tests

* Described in more detail below.

Statistics prove that women who feel their lovers are cheating are correct 80 percent of the time. Men accurately guess that cheating is occurring 50 percent of the time. Facing the unfaithfulness of a cheating spouse is a heartbreaking situation. If you suspect this is the case, you need to know the truth. Do you know how to catch a cheating spouse?  Do you know the signs of infidelity? 

VIP Divorce Discovery has the skills to identify your concerns.  We uncovers infidelity signs to confirm or refute suspicions of a cheating spouse. Situations involving cheating spouses must be handled by a private investigator, not only experienced at surveillance and information-gathering, but also well-versed in the law. Our domestic investigation services confirm signs of a cheating spouse. We can obtain valuable information that can be used legally during court proceedings. 

Through surveillance, vehicle tracking, computer investigation, cell phone data recovery, and internet activity, our results can catch a spouse cheating. The signs of cheating spouse activity are not always obvious. Our years of covert surveillance can help catch a cheating spouse with concrete evidence so that no questions remain. We turn the signs of cheating spouse betrayal into proof.

Although not a legal necessity in many jurisdictions, collected evidence of adultery or other misconduct by spouses and partners is still one of the most common activities investigators undertake. Common issues are child custody/child support, alimony, or marital property disputes.

While divorce is sometimes necessary, it can leave a trail of devastation. Children are often casualties of divorce, caught in the middle, neglected, and even at times used as a pawn by a bitter parent. Our primary goal in these delicate cases is to ensure that the child ends up in the right home, with the right parent, whether it’s mom or dad, so that the child can live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life in a stable, safe, and nurturing environment.

Child custody in Texas, and especially child custody for fathers who are often denied it, is an aspect of divorce that requires professional assistance to ensure the child’s best interest. After divorce it is quite common for an individual to begin living a lifestyle that is irresponsible and immature. Someone might even engage in activities or behaviors that are damaging, dangerous, and even illegal. If you believe your child’s other parent is engaging in activities you feel could endanger the physical or emotional welfare of the child, then you will need proof.

Child custody laws in Texas are tough, and the court needs all the information it can get. And you need more than a child custody lawyer to obtain proof. Attorneys can benefit from a private investigator’s work as evidence gatherer.

Domestic investigations help hundreds of people get the answers they need to the questions which hold them back. Unsure of the loyalty of your spouse or partner? Looking for a loved one? Going through a bitter child custody battle? Hiring a private investigator means placing your trust in a professional who treats your situation with the gravity it deserves. At VIP Divorce Discovery, our domestic investigations are always conducted with prudence and care.

Many reasons exist as to the need for private investigation services. When families are torn apart, the process is rarely sudden, but rather a compilation of years of mistakes, emotions and often deception. A spouse starts cheating and hides his or her tracks to prevent discovery.

A child of divorce may be neglected or not given the lifestyle he requires. Assets are hidden in an attempt to avoid division of property. A former spouse reneges on the child support and custody agreements under suspicious circumstances, and without a legal modification.

When it comes to these sensitive situations, your family and your future are on the line. Hiring a private investigator you can trust is a wise first step.

Whether it’s a child custody case, a cheating partner, worker’s compensation claim, employee theft, or another form of surveillance, VIP Divorce Discovery provides the most covert surveillance.  A surveillance investigation is a risky undertaking that requires the time, effort, support, and commitment of a licensed private investigator.

As Texas private investigators, we have a proven track record of successful undercover operations that exceed the private investigator surveillance expectations of our clients. We offer the most advanced surveillance systems and equipment to monitor suspects, document their activity, and deliver indisputable photographic and/or video evidence, even under the most precarious conditions.

We customize each case so that you receive the surveillance investigation services you need, whether an undercover operation, hidden digital video surveillance, or traditional surveillance services. Our investigators work 24/7 to get the information you need.

We encourage our clients to resist the urge to perform “amateur sleuthing” before they bring their computer or cell phone to us. A key component of a proper computer forensic examination and cell phone data recovery is that both are performed without bias. Because you have an interest in the case (emotional, financial, or legal), you have a natural bias, and any evidence you uncover personally will be challenged in court.

VIP Divorce Discovery’s computer forensics team discovers and presents facts, and the client or a jury determines guilt or innocence. Our computer forensics experts gather evidence that is presentable in court because we can demonstrate that the evidence has not been tampered with.

A cheating spouse, missing child, or dishonest employee may not give you the information you need, but chances are, their computer, phone, or portable device will contain this information.

Access to a person’s computer or digital device is like having a giant filing cabinet full of information about them. Nearly every action performed leaves pieces of information (“artifacts”) behind. A typical user cannot view or erase many of these artifacts. The job of a digital forensics investigator and cell phone detective is to uncover the pieces, compile them into a readable form, and present them to the client.

Investigation of computer activity and mobile phone forensics provides a window for viewing the communications, motives, or intentions of a spouse, child, or employee. Armed with the latest technological equipment and industry-leading techniques, our computer forensic investigators and cell phone spy team can uncover misuses of virtually any computer or device, even in cases where the suspects believe they have covered their tracks and have deleted any potentially incriminating evidence.

Perhaps you suspect that someone is reading your emails and personal digital documents, or even watching what web sites you visit so as to gain access to your confidential information. As internet forensics experts, we can detect even the most sophisticated spyware on your computer and help you regain your privacy.
Note: Legality issues are involved when performing forensics on both computers and cell phones. VIP Divorce Discovery operates only under the authority of the law and will NOT perform ANY illegal operations during the course of an investigation.

VIP Divorce Discovery private investigators may also perform business intelligence for investors who may consider investing money with an investment group, fund manager, or other high-risk business venture. Such due diligence could help the prospective investor avoid being a victim of a fraud or illegal scheme. A licensed and experienced investigator can uncover information, for example, that the investment is risky and or that the investor has suspicious activity in his or her background. This is called “investigative due diligence,” and it is becoming more prevalent than ever.

Corporate matters include the following:

  • Anti-fraud work
  • Loss prevention
  • Internal investigations of employee misconduct (such as EEO violations and sexual harassment)
  • Protection of intellectual property and trade secrets
  • Anti-piracy
  • Copyright infringement investigations
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Malware and cyber criminal activity
  • Computer forensics work

VIP Divorce Discovery Investigations provides many legal services, including evidence for a child custody hearing, information to facilitate a divorce, spousal support, or information to confirm suspicions. We provide the documentation that leads to answers by going beyond guesswork.

VIP Divorce Discovery Investigations will provide to you complete legal documentation as to their activities, as well as photos or video taken during the course of the investigation.  We work with your attorney as well as come to any hearings or court related matters to testify on your behalf. 

The more definitive the information, the stronger the result. Regardless if you are hiring us for a legal matter or a need to know matter, the job remains the same.  VIP Divorce Discovery Investigations will give to you all the documented information we obtain to place you in a more informed position to make informed decisions.