It’s no secret that men and women have always had difficulty understanding each other. Are men really from Mars and women from Venus? Actually, the male brain is wired much differently from the female brain! This difference is what makes us think, talk, communicate, and react differently!

Men have a tendency to compartmentalize. They have “boxes” for everything. They have boxes for the car, money, sex, the kids, their job, and you. The underlying “rule” is that their boxed items never intertwine nor intercept each other. Men typically open one box at a time and give it their total attention until they are ready to move on to the next box.

what is he thinking 2Women, on the other hand, are programmed so that all their items and interests are “connected.” Oftentimes, these connections are driven with much energy and emotion.

In this seminar, you will learn to step beyond the differences between men and women and learn how to communicate and understand your mate better. You can ask the tough questions that you have been afraid to ask and get a fresh perspective on how you should handle conflict when it arises. The seminar leader will guide you through the steps needed for a healthy relationship.

shutterstock_73995175The topics covered in this seminar are as follows:

  • Great communication – the key to positive relationships
  • Fairy tale relationships – are they real?
  • Investing in your relationships
  • Forgiving and forgetting
  • The intimate marriage
  • The five love languages
  • How to eliminate boredom and reconnect again
  • The emotional affair

A Q&A segment at the end of the session allows you to engage with the expert so that you may ask any personal questions that you may have.