If you are considering divorce, or perhaps you are in the early stages of the divorce process, this informative seminar is for you.

VIP Divorce Discovery offers Divorce 101 to help you better understand the topics below:

A rare instance where one party is granted a divorce without the consent of the spouse.

Money that traditionally is paid to the spouse with the lower income to assist with his or her cost of living.
A civil annulment is when the court declares a marriage to be invalid.
Dissolution of marriage and divorce are often used interchangeably; however, this is not true in all states.
A service led by a divorce coach who can help you with the mental and emotional issues that accompany divorce litigation.
The permission of grandparents in all states to be granted visitation or even custody of their grandchildren.
Though not a legal term, refers to a divorce-like settlement between two unmarried parties who have been living together.
Sometimes called a “pre-nup,” is a contract made between a husband and wife before they marry.
An agreement that covers child custody, visitation, debt management, mortgage payments, and spousal support.
A contract between a husband and wife stating that they have agreed to separate in contemplation of divorce.

What VIP Divorce Discovery Offers

Rick Saint Charles is a life, relationship, and grief recovery coach. As your facilitator for this seminar, Rick leads you through the process of divorce. He shows you the complete program—from overcoming/managing the intense emotions of relationship loss, to identifying your next steps, to discovering who you are now as a result of the experience, to creating a powerful future.

If you are going through a divorce or are just recently divorced, you are probably experiencing a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows. You are not alone. Sharing your experience with others who are in similar circumstances can be helpful and empowering. And, participation in this seminar will give you a renewed perspective on your future.

This seminar provides you important tools and resources that will inform, prepare, and protect you as you move through your divorce.  Attendees receive a Divorce Information Guidebook of divorce resources and information, legal definitions, and a financial planning worksheet. 

Other valuable information you will receive from the seminar includes:

  • Exploring the legal, financial, and emotional support resources available during the divorce process.
  • Learning what to expect during a divorce and how to prepare for the struggles and the challenge with greater confidence and understanding.
  • Discovering the four ways to obtain a divorce: litigation, negotiation, mediation or the collaborative team model.
  • Listening to others such as you who are also experiencing similar life changes.