You are not alone

First time marriages ending in Divorce


Second-time marriages that end in Divorce


Making the decision to leave a marriage is almost never an easy one (nor should it be). In this seminar at VIP Divorce Discovery, we help you explore your decision to divorce and why you want a divorce. We want to ensure you have explored all options and have fully educated yourself in the divorce process.

The more amicable your relationship is prior to and during your divorce, the more likely you will lessen the emotional and financial burdens caused by ending your marriage.

VIP Divorce Discovery strives to faithfully protect and educate our clients. We will help create a checklist of necessary information that will help you prepare if you choose to move forward with a divorce.

This seminar includes discussion of these topics:

  • Counseling options
  • Protecting the children
  • Selecting the right divorce attorney
  • Preparing a detailed marital history
  • What is divorce discovery?
  • The types of separation
  • Divorce transition 

Where do I go from here?

Divorcing can be devastating. Emotional highs and lows will run rampant. You must select the right lawyer and learn your rights. This seminar helps you to develop a strategy for moving forward with divorce proceedings. Remember, the cost and length of divorce litigation is proportionate to the emotions of the parties.