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Divorce is not an easy or pleasant process. Many people are overwhelmed and confused as to how to go about pursuing a divorce.

VIP Divorce Discovery was founded by Rick Saint Charles in 2012. Rick saw the need to help people navigate the difficult and complex maze called divorce. Mr. Saint Charles determined that he could offer specialized consulting services that fit the needs of individuals who are contemplating or going through a divorce, or, who are recovering from a divorce.
Having experienced divorce himself, he understands how challenging, confusing, and lonely a divorce can be. In retrospect, Mr. Saint Charles knows the process would have been simpler and smoother if someone had walked him through all aspects of his divorce—from separation, to dealing with guilt, to how to tell the kids, to dividing the marital estate, etc. Rick believes he would have handled things differently for both himself and his children (including the thousands of dollars he could have saved in legal fees) if he had walked hand-in-hand with a supportive person or team during the difficult divorce process.

VIP Divorce Discovery provides unique services to its clients such as preparing for a separation; starting the divorce process; and offering advice or assistance with the many details, such as completing volumes of paperwork needed for legal proceedings. Our team knows that it is vitally necessary to be sensitive to the needs of persons who have chosen to terminate their marriages.


An estimated 30% of the divorces in the U.S. involve marital relationships that possess a great amount of conflict.

Sometimes violence, physical and mental abuse, or other threats to spouse and children also exist in these volatile relationships. Chronic addiction or substance abuse, psychosis or extreme mental illness, and physical or mental abuse are also reasons to divorce. In these difficult situations, divorce is most often in the best interest of all involved parties. Couples who divorce often need the help and support of family, friends, neighbors, and religious leaders. The adjustment to divorce is both painful and difficult, and can last a considerably long time.

Sometimes couples may need counseling or therapy before, during, and after the separation for themselves and their children. Rick and his team can help every step of the way, helping clients determine if divorce is right for them. Rick provides guidance through his successful pre-divorce strategies to help his clients make the best and most “informed decision” regarding divorce.

Our clients choose VIP Divorce Discovery to help them in their journey as they pursue divorce and work to rebuild their lives and strengthen their futures.